Toilet repairs in Brighton and Hove

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Toilet Repairs in Brighton and Hove

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Small job plumbers in Brighton and Hove

Small Job Plumbers ltd, are Brighton plumbers that do toilet repairs in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas, we can fix, repair any toilet.


Toilet types

There are basically 2x toilet types handle flush and push button flush


Handle flushToilet repairs Brighton | small job plumbers ltd

this type of toilet uses a syphon mechanism that works by the motion of pulling the toilet handle down, which in turn pulls the water up into the syphon and starts the process of the syphoning of the water from the cistern into the toilet pan, which is your flush.


? Do you have to keep pulling the handle on your toilet to get it to flush even though there is water in the cistern?

Your diaphragm in your syphon is or has broken and will need to be replaced.

There are different shapes, sizes, and heights of toilet syphons on the market and depending on your shape, and size of your toilet cistern will determine what is the right one for you?


Push button toilets      

These toilets work on a completely different system, it works on a mechanism called a drop valve, which as it sounds is a valve that lifts up when the toilet button is pushed to let the water flush into the toilet pan, and then drops down to shut the water off.


The principle

It kind of works on the same principle as the plug in your kitchen sink you pull it out to get rid of the water and put it back when you want to fill the sink with water, this is how a push button toilet works with a drop valve, but it does it automatically for you. Happy days!.           TOILETS & TAPS REPAIRED and INSTALLED in Brighton and Hove

This kind of system can have many problems from broken buttons, water leaking into the toilet or toilet wont flush, but for whatever reason, it simply best practice to fit a new valve,


Toilet Inlet valves / float valves


Does your toilet refuse to flush because there is no water in the cistern?

If your toilet cistern wont fill with water the chances are that the inlet valve has broken down

This is the valve that regulates how much water goes into the toilet cistern.

There are many different types of these valves in different shapes and sizes, some of these valves can be maintained, and some can’t, but again in most cases it is simply best practice to replace the valve, the difference in price to get a plumber to fix a valve or replace a valve is very minimal.

Small job plumbers ltd, are plumbers who fit toilets

Toilet Replacements, in Brighton Hove and surrounding areas

Small Job Plumbers ltd, toilet and tap repairs in, Brighton, Hove, Hangleton,  Moulsecombe, Kemptown, Woodingdean, Southwick, Ovingdean, Shoreham, Ditchling, Worthing, Lancing, Saltdean, Peacehaven, Newhaven, Mile Oak, Portslade, Rottingdean, Lewes, Burgess Hill, Haywards heath

small job plumbers ltd, are small job plumbers in Brighton, hove and surrounding areas.

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